If wanderlust has a soundtrack, I've spent the last 10 years trying to write it. I'm singer-songwriter-traveler Mike Mentz.

My 2023 album INTO THE DARK follows three records in a row to pick up Album Of The Year nominations by the Independent Music Awards, and companion music videos have been Official Selections of fifteen international film festivals and counting.
Perspective is priceless. Travel opens your eyes. When you watch the sun rise from somewhere new, your world gets a little bit bigger. I love that. I'm currently climbing a creative Everest of my own design called 21 ROADS: 21 major artistic works (with 124 component pieces) in less than 5 years.
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People Are Saying Nice Stuff

"His breezy pop is smart and contagious, and his voice gets in your head with a familiar sincerity that has you believing every word. Mike looks at love and the world with a keen eye and an open heart. I'm a fan."

Lari White, 3-time Grammy Winning Singer, Songwriter, & Producer

People Are Talking

"He's a genie in a bottle, YAAASSSSS!"

People Are Talking

"If you're a traveler, Mike Mentz should be your soundtrack. Not one, but several songs took me back to times when I fell in love in an airport terminal, where I stood in a foreign city feeling totally anonymous, and reminded me that home can be anywhere your heart is truly free."

Barbara Joubert, The Miracle Foundation

People Are Talking

"Mike's songs are a perfect blend of top-notch songwriting and production with well-written, personal, and clever lyrics that tell the stories that come to life from his globetrotting experiences and adventures."

Tom H, SoundThread

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